DuplexPlay Activation

duplexplay-activate.com doesn’t sell playlists or subscriptions.
DuplexPlay is the most advanced and user friendly TV media player. With DuplexPlay you will enjoy your favorite media content on your TV.

1 Year DuplexPlay Activation: 5€
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Proceed to buy DuplexPlay activation codes via PayPal

5 Codes: 18 Euro
10 Codes: 28 Euro
20 Codes: 50 Euro
Ask Discounted Prices for 50 and 100 Codes.

1 Code = 1 Year Activation

Codes are valid forever and don’t expire.

You can activate devices by yourself easily.

We activate DuplexPlay player with our gift codes.

Only Duplex Play activation won’t renew your channels or playlist.
We only activate DuplexPlay application.

Contact us on Whatsapp or Telegram:

Click on the Whatsapp & Telegram logos or:

Whatsapp: https://wa.me/17864090237

Telegram: https://t.me/DuplexPlayActivate

Activation for devices in Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar is not possible.
You can still activate any device in all other countries.

If you have any questions please read our FAQ: https://duplexplay-activate.com/faq/

You can check our references: https://duplexplay-activate.com/references/

Edit your playlist and activate your player: https://edit.duplexplay.com/

Disclaimer: DuplexPlay is a General Media Player and it doesn’t include any content or playlists.

duplexplay-activate.com doesn’t sell playlists or subscriptions.
DuplexPlay activation does not provide any content to users.