FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I get playlist/content/subscription?

duplexplay-activate.com doesn’t sell playlists, contents or subscriptions.

DuplexPlay is a general media player and it does not include any content. You have to provide your own content. DuplexPlay and duplexplay-activate.com is not responsible for the content you use in the app.

How can I activate DuplexPlay?

After purchasing DuplexPlay activation code from us follow these steps:

1-) Login on edit.duplexplay.com with your own Device ID and Key
2-) Choose “Activate Device by Gift Codes” tab
3-) Enter Device ID and Device Key of the device you want to renew
4-) Enter the gift code you bought from us
5-) Press “Refresh activation status”
6-) Check “I confirm that I want to activate this device”
7-) Click “Activate”

You can extend only 1 year by yourself with the activation code you bought from us.
For renewals more than 1 year we will need your Device ID and Key.

Your player must be expired or there must be less than 1 month to expire. Otherwise please send us your Device ID and Key, we will renew it for you instantly. 

For renewals more than 1 year contact us.

Why did DuplexPlay stopped selling new activations?

DuplexPlay developer stopped selling new activations because some content resellers used DuplexPlay name to deceive customers to sell their subscriptions.

We do not sell any kind of content, playlist or subscription.

Will DuplexPlay work forever?

We don’t guarantee that DuplexPlay will work forever. DuplexPlay application may stop working at anytime and we (as duplexplay-activate.com) are not responsible for this situation. It is your solely responsibility to activate your device knowing that it may stop working anytime. Developer stopped activations for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in February 2022.

Will DuplexPlay activation work on my device?

Yes, it will absolutely work. If you have DuplexPlay installed on your Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Android TV, Android Box or Stick, Tablet, Phone it will work with no problem!

Some unlicensed Android boxes may not communicate with DuplexPlay servers. Only less than 1% of thousands devices encountered with server error.

Do DuplexPlay activation codes expire? How long are the codes valid for?

No, DuplexPlay codes will not expire. Activation codes are valid forever, you don’t need to use them immediately. You can use your codes whenever you need.

Does DuplexPlay or duplexplay-activate.com contain any channels?

No, DuplexPlay does not contain any channels. DuplexPlay activation won’t give you any channels. duplexplay-activate.com website does not provide any content.

We are not responsible for the content uploaded to DuplexPlay.

Can I activate DuplexPlay in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and other countries?

No unfortunately. Activations and renewals for these countries is no longer possible by February 2022.

Yes, DuplexPlay activation and renewal works in all devices from all around the world!

We will need your Device ID and Key if you are in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar. You cannot activate or renew by yourself.

You can pin lock your playlists before sending us your Device ID and Key.

If you are a reseller please contact us for more information.

Can I transfer DuplexPlay activation?

No unfortunately. Transferring activations to another DuplexPlay is stopped. You can use an activation only on one device.

edit.duplexplay.com website is down! How can I activate DuplexPlay player or edit my playlist?

Wait for a few hours and servers will be back online soon again.

If you don’t want to wait please contact us, we can activate/renew your player or help you even if the website is unreachable.

I am getting error in DuplexPlay! How can I solve DuplexPlay problems?

Can’t load, please check your internet connection and try again!
This is the most common error, please refer to solutions below:
– Make sure that you have a working connection on your TV or device.
– Switch between WiFi and Ethernet connections.
– Restart the TV by holding down the power button on your remote.
– Unplug your device from electricity and wait a few minutes then plug in it again.
– Restart the app a few times. It may take more than 5 restarts.

Stream may not found, connection is down or media format is not supported
This error is related about your playlist. Please contact your provider.

DuplexPlay new purchases are disabled
DuplexPlay developer stopped selling new activations. We activate DuplexPlay player with our gift codes.

Are DuplexPlay activation codes legitimate?

Yes, all gift codes were bought from the DuplexPlay app. We paid developer for all the codes and activated thousands of devices. You can check our references if you still have any doubts.