How To Activate DuplexPlay

You can find out how to activate DuplexPlay in your language on this page.
You have to activate your device at Please follow the steps below!
It’s not possible to activate through the application!

Contact us if you’re unable to activate or haven’t received your codes.
Whatsapp Telegram – Email: [email protected]

Find your Device ID and Key

duplexplay activate tab
duplexplay device id and key

1-) Login on with your own Device ID and Device Key

step 1

2-) Choose “Activate Device by Gift Codes”

step 2

3-) Enter Device ID and Device Key of the device you want to activate or renew

step 3

4-) Enter the gift code you bought from us

5-) Complete the puzzle

6-) Press or Click “Refresh activation status”

7-) You will see your Device’s expiration date

step 4

8 -) Check “I confirm that I want to activate this device”

9-) Press or Click “Activate”

10-) Voilà

step 5
  • You can activate devices if DuplexPlay is expired or there’s less than 1 month to expire.
  • If DuplexPlay is already expired, activation will add 365 days to the day you activate.
  • If DuplexPlay hasn’t expired yet, activation will add 365 days to the expiration date of the device.

You can buy one or more 1 year DuplexPlay activation codes from our website:

Contact us if you are having problems on how to activate DuplexPlayer.